Deep Listening

4 Jul – 8 Jul 2018

A Workshop with Julia Gladstone

There’s more to listening than meets the ear. We will work from Pauline Oliveros’ pedagogy, tuning up the body as a porous vessel as we approach the act of “listening to listening itself.” The practice is an invitation to expand within the primary, subterranean layer of awareness where creativity and healing coalesce. We’ll practice bodywork techniques, approaches to listening, sounding, and dreaming/visioning. Branching into the synaesthetic field, we will explore what it might mean to deep see/smell/taste/feel and how working with the texture of “depth” can alter the experience we make of the world.

About Julia Gladstone:
Julia Gladstone is an artist who imagines the self beyond the limits of physical containment. Operating within the expanded field of choreography, she crafts dances, relational scores, videos, group processes, embodied pedagogy, and new bodies. Her practice is concerned with the absurdity of being human and the complexities of our relationships to the unknown. She has presented independent and collaborative work internationally and is a recipient of the DAAD award in Performing Arts. She is currently becoming certified in Pauline Oliveros’ process of Deep Listening.